Studio Etiquette

At Octopus Garden, we strive to provide a welcoming, safe place for our students to practice, to gather, and to enjoy the company of others. We believe that everyone who enters our doors should be treated with kindness and respect. And we hope that the following guidelines will help us all to feel comfortable and at ease in our surroundings.

  • We request that our therapists, teachers, staff, and students refrain from wearing artificial scents or perfumes. Our teachers are able to clear the studio air and energy with natural purifiers prior to and after classes.
  • Please arrive in clean clothes and take care to ensure that your mat is also clean.
  • Consider bringing an empty water bottle and filling it up at our filtered water stations on both levels of the studio.
  • Please arrive to class 10 to 15 minutes prior to the start time. During this time, we invite you to inform the teacher of any issues regarding injuries or preferences around physical adjustments.
  • If you do arrive late to a class, please see our studio receptionist. They will assist you with entering the studio at the appropriate time and in a manner that minimizes any disruption to the class.
  • Please be mindful during the time between classes. If you are outside the studio waiting for your class to begin, be cautious of your noise levels. Once the class ends, we request that you wait outside the studio until your fellow students have cleared their mats and props before entering the space.
  • If it is necessary for you to bring your cell phone into the studio, please ensure that it is OFF or on SILENT without vibration.

Thank you for your consideration.