Yoga Classes



All Levels

Classes that are suitable for all students, from foundational to intermediate to advanced. A unique class that offers a mixed-level practice with options to go deeper. All Levels classes will incorporate asana, breathwork and meditation.

Community Class

Level 1 classes with community in mind! Explore your practice with integrity, awareness, and a foundation of breath. Our teaching roster will feature teacher training students, alumni of our teacher training programs, and teachers on our drop-in schedule.

This is a specially priced class – $5 (+HST) for non-members, free for members.


Designed as both an introductory class for new students and an excellent way for experienced students to brush up on the basics, Fundamentals covers the essentials that form the foundation of a safe, effective, and enjoyable yoga practice, while exploring more deeply a specific aspect of the practice each week.

Level 1

Suitable for students who are relatively new to yoga or looking to deepen their knowledge of foundational poses. Classes focus on the fundamentals of postures, including breathwork and attention to alignment, while incorporating dynamic flow and varied sequences.

Levels 1-2 and 2

Classes that increase in difficulty to encourage you to find new levels within your practice. Each level offers progressively deeper work in asana, meditation, and pranayama in order to challenge students to move beyond perceived boundaries. Please talk to one of our knowledgable staff when trying to find the level that works best for your practice.


Through the practice of mindfulness and meditation, this class teaches us how to be aware and awake to the present moment. We learn to see and accept things as they are, freeing our minds and opening our hearts. This class is free for members and pay-what-you-can for non-members with a suggested donation of $10 to $20 per class.

Mobilize and Restore

This class is an excellent compliment to vigorous or strenuous activity. We will use therapeutic movements and sequences to create greater mobility, followed by nourishing restorative postures that balance the nervous system and stimulate healing.


A deeply nourishing experience. Props and gentle movements are utilized to restore, relax and heal the body. This class is suitable for any level of experience.

Rope Wall

Rope wall: suspended postures with the use of ropes to traction the spine and invert without compression, bringing health and hydration to the spine. Please consult our instructors before attending this class if you have the following: high blood pressure, pregnancy, and detached retina, or glaucoma.

Partner work may be included. All levels welcome.


Our Self-Practice classes nurture an individualized approach to practice. Featuring a semi-private style of learning, these classes instil principles of empowerment, concentration, and self-directed study, revealing some of yoga’s most important teachings.


Self-Practice Workshop

This special class will include led instruction that enriches the self-practice experience.
Similar to other Self-Practice classes, students are free to come and go as they please between 10am and 12pm. Unlike other Self-Practice classes, the class will be divided into roughly two sections:

  1. Instruction on specific techniques relating to postures or sections of the seasonal practice sequences;
  2. Self-practice time to embody the techniques into your practice.


A class that brings the Tensegrity Series to life! The Tensegrity Repair Series (by Gioia Irwin) is a set of 20 exercises designed to restore balanced tone and healthy range of motion to the muscle and connective tissue matrix of the human body. Explore your range of motion and reconnect to healthy patterns of movement. This class is ideal for all levels of experience and is especially ideal for those seeking to recover from imbalances due to injuries and over-use.


Kids Yoga

Head to yoga after school and find a new way to play! Young yogis will grow through a weekly program of age-appropriate physical postures, philosophy, breathing, sensory-based games, and creative crafts. Get ready to discover new worlds of fun in playful exploration, self-discovery, and body awareness.

We’re pleased to announce a spring term of kids yoga!


Parent and Baby

In this welcoming and baby-friendly space, find the time to soothe aches and pains, re-align your hardworking body and mind, and cuddle and enjoy your little baby while connecting with a community of other parents.


Parent and Moving Babies

Explore your changing practice and connect with other parents in a class designed with moving babies in mind.


Prenatal Yoga

This weekly series of classes will offer a caring and nurturing space where women can celebrate the little person growing within, soothe and enjoy their changing bodies, and connect to their own strength and potential in preparation for labour and motherhood.


Once a Month


Derived from the Pali word for “community” or “company”, Sangha is an opportunity to gather together with the aim of enriching the understanding of yoga’s philosophical tradition, through scriptural exploration, chanting, meditation, discussion, and inquiry. It will be co-taught by Scott Davis and Pat Harada Linfoot on the first Tuesday of each month.