Yoga Classes


Aerial Yoga

Inspired by traditional yoga, pilates, dance, and acrobatics, Aerial Yoga is a relatively new form of yoga. Using a fabric hammock or yoga swing to support students, it allows them to deepen stretches and safely connect with postures they may not ordinarily be able to find on the mat.  Aerial Yoga is a challenging and fun way to relieve stress, decompress the spine, and strengthen the entire body. It is an exciting way for anyone looking to introduce fitness into their life or anyone with a curiosity for something different to complement their existing yoga practice.

Are you a nervous flying or new to aerial? Come try our new Gentle Aerial class!

All Levels

Classes that are suitable for all students, from foundational to intermediate to advanced. A unique class that offers a mixed-level practice with options to go deeper. All Levels classes will incorporate asana, breathwork and meditation.

Level 1

Suitable for students who are relatively new to yoga or looking to deepen their knowledge of foundational poses. Classes focus on the fundamentals of postures, including breathwork and attention to alignment, while incorporating dynamic flow and varied sequences.

Levels 1-2, 2, 2-3

Classes that increase in difficulty to encourage you to find new levels within your practice. Each level offers progressively deeper work in asana, meditation, and pranayama in order to challenge students to move beyond perceived boundaries. Please talk to one of our knowledgable staff when trying to find the level that works best for your practice.

Liberation Lounge

Liberation Lounge is a 108-minute practice that weaves the many strands of yoga together with live music from global sacred and ceremonial contexts. In addition to exploring an organic freestyle vinyasa practice, you can expect a deep dive into the richness of yogic philosophy, mantra, pranayama, meditation, and nada yoga, the practice of deep inner listening. This class is open to everyone, including adventurous beginners.

Meditate with Muse

In this weekly class, you will discover your mind-body connection in a completely unique way. Sessions will be led by the R&D team from Muse: the brain sensing headband and are designed to allow you to explore powerful, accurate real-time feedback during meditation. Every class will present a unique experience looking at aspects including brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movements.

The experiences in this class will go above and beyond the current capabilities of Muse, providing you with a holistic view of your practice and how to go deeper. Through real-time feedback, we help you learn more about yourself, your internal world, and how to find calm.

All materials needed including Muse Headbands will be provided. Space is limited.


Through the practice of mindfulness and meditation, this class teaches us how to be aware and awake to the present moment. Each class will include a 30 minute, mostly silent sit. We learn to see and accept things as they are, freeing our minds and opening our hearts.

Mobility & Deep Active Stretch

Using a variety of safe training methods, we first bring awareness to passive range of motion and then work on training these into active ranges of motion, which will improve joint mobility by building strength and increasing control over movement. This method is especially helpful for injury prevention and rehabilitation, improved performance (athletic and non-athletic), lasting articular health, and promoting cellular adaptations in the connective tissues of the body.

Parent & Baby

In this welcoming and baby-friendly space, find the time to soothe aches and pains, re-align your hardworking body and mind, and cuddle and enjoy your little baby while connecting with a community of other parents. Dynamic classes will allow you to explore fluid movement and stretching, strength building, and restorative work to ease fatigue and make space for the joy of being a new parent!

For parents, please have your midwife or care provider’s permission to begin.

Pelvic Health

Gain insight into how your pelvic floor fits into your yoga practice. A mini-workshop, this class will include a combination of education, awareness exercises, and integration of the pelvic floor into different yoga asanas, transitions, and functional movements. Open to all genders and suitable for participants of all levels. Free for members.


A whole body workout that aims to balance joint mobility and strength. Expect mindful movement, both dynamic and subtle, that integrates the entire musculoskeletal and fascial system to improve posture and overall functionality in every day life. The results are long, lean muscles with increased joint mobility that overtime, provide increased protection from injury.


A whole body, non-impact based workout that aims to balance joint mobility and strength. Expect a dynamic warm-up, standing barre-work, mat-work, and a cool-down stretch. This is a challenging class, both dynamic and subtle, that integrates the entire musculoskeletal and fascial system to improve posture, tone, and overall functionality in everyday life. The practice is a blend of dance-conditioning, pilates, yoga, and functional fitness meant to challenge through high reps of small, range of motion movements. The results are long, lean, sculpted muscles with increased joint mobility that over time, can provide increased protection from injury.

Power Yoga

Yoga for athletes (and non-athletes). This class will focus on poses that build strength in key muscle groups while also improving flexibility, balance, joint mobility, and breath awareness. Exercises to engage and strengthen the core will be included to improve alignment and lessen imbalances that lead to overuse injuries. Yoga props may be used to release tight muscles and to assist in deepening the poses.


This class will offer a caring and nurturing space where women can celebrate the little person growing within, soothe and enjoy their changing bodies, and connect to their own strength and potential in preparation for labour and motherhood.

Recharge and Restore

This class is an excellent compliment to vigorous or strenuous activity. We will use therapeutic movements and sequences to create greater mobility, followed by nourishing restorative postures that balance the nervous system and stimulate healing.

Reiki Restorative

Relax and heal your body through this unique class featuring gentle restorative postures and hands-on Reiki. Recharge and restore from your busy week in good hands. This class is suitable for any level of experience.


A deeply nourishing experience. Props and gentle movements are utilized to restore, relax and heal the body. This class is suitable for any level of experience.

Rope Wall Burn

Get LIIT (Low-Intensity Interval Training) on our rope wall! Start with gentle spinal traction to create space in the body, build strength, find your core, and finally restore to decrease tension and enhance recovery. Suitable for all levels of experience/practice.

Please consult our instructors before attending this class if you are pregnant or have high blood pressure, detached retina, or glaucoma.

Rope Wall Levels 1, and 1-2

In this class, we’ll use the rope wall to gently traction the spine and hips to create ease and space in the body, improve alignment, and decrease tension and pain. Please consult our instructors before attending this class if you have the following: high blood pressure, pregnancy, and detached retina, or glaucoma to make sure supported inversions are safe for you. Partner work may be included. The Level 1-2 class is for those who have had some experience using the rope wall.

Yoga Clinic

The Yoga Clinic is a unique class that aims to enhance your personal practice in a supported environment. It is equally for newer students looking to establish a personal practice, and for more seasoned students who are ready to listen fully to their own voices. Yoga Clinic gives you time with our expert, highly trained, and experienced teachers to evolve a more individualized practice and explore the therapeutic benefits of yoga.


Yoga Tune Up

Yoga Tune Up® is a class format built around the three P’s – Pain, Posture and Performance. It helps eradicate pain, improve posture, and enhance performance through a unique blend of corrective exercise, self massage, and yoga asana. By helping to identify and target your "body blind spots” (areas that are most overused, underused, or misused) Yoga Tune Up® heals damaged muscle, increases strength, and establishes healthy movement patterns to help you live better in your body.