Yoga Classes



Acro / Partner Yoga

A fun and exciting class that puts two on a mat!

Move together in a practice that requires deep attention, enhances trust, promotes connection, and brings people together with the fun and joy of yoga. A mix of partner and acro-yoga, this class will help you experience familiar yoga poses in a new way, and learn a few new skills as well. Challenge yourself in a supportive environment with assisted stretches, balances, and inversions that can help you take your own practice to new levels. Your friend can’t make it? Don’t worry! No partner is required, as we switch partners frequently throughout the class.

This class is immediately followed by the weekly PWYC Acro yoga jam.

All Levels

Classes that are suitable for all students, from foundational to intermediate to advanced. A unique class that offers a mixed-level practice with options to go deeper. All Levels classes will incorporate asana, breathwork and meditation.

Community Class

Classes with community in mind! Explore your practice with integrity, awareness, and a foundation of breath. Our teaching roster will feature teacher training students, alumni of our teacher training programs, and teachers on our drop-in schedule.

Cost: $5 (+HST)


Move dynamically through creative and intelligent sequences in a continuous stream of breath-based, meditative asana. Flow classes are designed as an immersive experience that sweep students through a complete practice.

Inversions 101

Inverted yoga postures have many observable health benefits. These include: reversing the effects of gravity, improved circulation (both arterial flow and venous return), and of course the powerful immune boosting and detoxifying effect on lymphatic drainage.

But most importantly, they are so much FUN! Each week we will explore in real time one of 6 classical inversion postures and their related modifications.

Level 1

Suitable for students who are relatively new to yoga or looking to deepen their knowledge of foundational poses. Classes focus on the fundamentals of postures, including breathwork and attention to alignment, while incorporating dynamic flow and varied sequences.

Levels 1-2, 2, 2-3

Classes that increase in difficulty to encourage you to find new levels within your practice. Each level offers progressively deeper work in asana, meditation, and pranayama in order to challenge students to move beyond perceived boundaries. Please talk to one of our knowledgable staff when trying to find the level that works best for your practice.


Through the practice of mindfulness and meditation, this class teaches us how to be aware and awake to the present moment. Each class will include a 30 minute, mostly silent sit. We learn to see and accept things as they are, freeing our minds and opening our hearts.


A whole body workout that aims to balance joint mobility and strength. Expect mindful movement, both dynamic and subtle, that integrates the entire musculoskeletal and fascial system to improve posture and overall functionality in every day life. The results are long, lean muscles with increased joint mobility that overtime, provide increased protection from injury.


A deeply nourishing experience. Props and gentle movements are utilized to restore, relax and heal the body. This class is suitable for any level of experience.

Rope Wall Levels 1, and 1-2

In this class, we’ll use the rope wall to gently traction the spine and hips to create ease and space in the body, improve alignment, and decrease tension and pain. Please consult our instructors before attending this class if you have the following: high blood pressure, pregnancy, and detached retina, or glaucoma to make sure supported inversions are safe for you. Partner work may be included. Monday’s class will be a Level 1-2 while Saturday will be a Level 1.

The Essential Eight

What are the primary asana archetypes of yoga? Co-owners Pat and James have chosen the fundamental eight poses from which all others poses are derived. We’ll explore one pose per week in order to better understand the principles, movements, and actions of mountain pose, downward dog, plank, squat, warrior 1, tree pose, bridge, and Marichi’s pose (the seated twist).

Yoga Clinic

The Yoga Clinic is a unique class that aims to enhance your personal practice in a supported environment. It is equally for newer students looking to establish a personal practice, and for more seasoned students who are ready to listen fully to their own voices. Yoga Clinic gives you time with our expert, highly trained, and experienced teachers to evolve a more individualized practice and explore the therapeutic benefits of yoga.


Yoga for Longevity

We will draw from current scientific research on yoga’s benefits for physical, mental, and emotional health throughout our lifespan. This class is designed for all levels, all ages, and all bodies. We’ll explore movement, breath, meditation, and rest in order to maximize joint mobility, increase lung capacity, improve digestion, promote heart, lymph, and adrenal health, boost immune functioning, and calm the nervous system.

Yoga Movement Flow

These classes will be a fusion of vinyasa flow with other movement disciplines such as martial arts, cross training, functional movement, and dance. Each class will be a unique investigation into the possibilities we have for movement, power, grace, and mobility and how these complementary paradigms can enrich our asana practice.

Yoga Tune-Up

Yoga Tune Up® is a class format built around the three P’s – Pain, Posture and Performance. It helps eradicate pain, improve posture and enhance performance through a unique blend of corrective exercise, self massage, and yoga asana. By helping to identify and target your "body blind spots” (areas that are most overused, underused, or misused) Yoga Tune Up® heals damaged muscle, increases strength, and establishes healthy movement patterns to help you live better in your body.


Kids Yoga

Ages 7-11

Head to yoga after school and find a new way to play! Young yogis will grow through a weekly program of age-appropriate physical postures, philosophy, breathing, sensory-based games, and creative crafts. Get ready to discover new worlds of fun in playful exploration, self-discovery, and body awareness.


Parent and Baby

In this welcoming and baby-friendly space, find the time to soothe aches and pains, re-align your hardworking body and mind, and cuddle and enjoy your little baby while connecting with a community of other parents.



This weekly series of classes will offer a caring and nurturing space where women can celebrate the little person growing within, soothe and enjoy their changing bodies, and connect to their own strength and potential in preparation for labour and motherhood.


Yoga 4 Teens

Ages 12-18

Why “teen-focused” yoga? Because this class will provide a space and the supports for students to establish a practice, or to dive deeper into the eight limbs of yoga. Because being a human (particularly a teenaged human) can be wonderful and exciting, but it can also be challenging. Because yoga can help us access inner wisdom, find meaningful connections to others, and to find balance, on the mat and in everyday life.


Once a Month


Derived from the Pali word for “community” or “company”, Sangha is an opportunity to gather together with the aim of enriching the understanding of yoga’s philosophical tradition, through scriptural exploration, chanting, meditation, discussion, and inquiry.