Self Practice

Self Practice is a unique class that aims to enhance your personal practice in a supported environment. It is equally for newer students looking to establish a personal practice, and for more seasoned students who are ready to listen fully to their own voices. Self Practice gives you time with our expert, highly trained, and experienced teachers to evolve a more individualized practice and explore the therapeutic benefits of yoga.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an advanced practitioner to come to Yoga Clinic?

No. Practitioners of all levels come out to these classes. It can be helpful at any stage of practice. You can get one-on-one assistance with all kinds of things including workshopping specific poses, meditation, using yoga as a therapeutic modality, rehab for new or existing injuries, restorative practices, pranayama…the list goes on. There is no one way to practice in YC and the teachers are there to help you with whatever you want to work on and they will meet you at whatever level you are at.

Are there really no instructors?

Yes and no. There won’t be a teacher at the front of the room leading you in a specific sequence. However, there are teachers in the room at all times that will approach you during your practice to offer instructions and guidance. You will be leading yourself but you will still be taught – the instructions will just be very personal to your needs and they will be delivered one-on-one.

I am worried I won’t know what to do.

We totally understand this concern and to help, we’ve created a number of different sequences that you can use as a template for your practice. There will be sheets available in the room and you can use these to ensure you get a balanced and effective practice, even if it’s your very first time doing poses on your own. And there are teachers in the room who can help you so you’ll never be left stranded and confused.

Will everyone be looking at me?

Not unless you show up wearing an elaborate costume! Everyone is focused on doing their own work so even though the atmosphere is very congenial and community-oriented, your privacy will be respected. Just like all the classes in our studio, there is no element of performance or assessment in these classes. Everyone is there to practice and support one another’s unique path.

I can’t get there right at the start time/stay for the whole length of the class. Is that ok?

Absolutely. You can come and go as you need to and others around you will be doing the same. All we ask is that entrances and exits respect that there are other people around you at different stages of their practice.

What if I have an injury?

If you have injuries or other physical limitations that cause you to be wary of starting or continuing yoga, Yoga Clinic is an excellent place to heal an injury and start to relearn what you need to do to make your practice safe and effective. The teacher can give you more individualized attention and guide you towards working in a healthy and intelligent manner.

I want to find out more about the rope wall. Are these good classes to try?

Definitely. In Yoga Clinic, we can help you get more comfortable working with our rope wall. This is an ideal setting to start working with this kind of practice.

I have questions but I don’t want to bug the teachers with potentially trivial things I really should know already.

It’s cliched but true: there are no stupid questions. The teachers who teach Yoga Clinic are there because exploring the practice through different student’s eyes excites and challenges them. We are there because we are bursting with curiosity about how the practices lands in your body and your mind at this moment. We love your questions. All of them.

I don’t really have any questions, I just want to do my thing.

That’s great too! We will be around to help your do your thing in a deeper, more effective and more sustainable way and sometimes that might mean we just provide a space for you to do that yourself. The energy of practicing with other students in a dedicated space might take you to new places in your practice and we’d love to help you to open up to that possibility.

Bottom line: If you commit to Yoga Clinic, we will commit to building a relationship with you that serves your needs. Yoga Clinic is for you if you want it to be!