Natural Movement Essentials

with Scott Davis — Saturdays

Join Scott for a 6-week progressive series to build a critical skill set of functional movements that will expand your literacy in profound and practical ways. It will give you the tools to optimzie the way you look and feel inside and out!

In this series, you will learn:

  • Step by step progressions for the most important functional movements every human body needs to know to achieve optimal health.
  • Fundamental Natural Movement progressions that unlock our “original design” as human beings; incorporating essential skills such as walking, running, climbing, crawling, rolling, balancing, and much more.
  • That becoming more “generalized” and less “specialized” in how you move will unlock more movement “nutrition” for real health and longevity
  • How Natural Movement relates to the practice of yoga.
  • The differences between Range of Motion, flexibility and strength.
  • How quieting the mind and expanding awareness radically changes the game in movement practice.
  • Research based approaches to the anatomy and physiology of movement.
  • The best ways to avoid injury and build an resilient “earth quake” architecture in your body.
  • The role of play in developing both competency and complexity of movement.
  • Dates: Saturdays. The six-week session starts Sept. 17th.
  • Time: 11:00am to 12:15pm
  • Cost: $120 plus HST, for a 6-week session. Free for members

Please note: Preregistration is required in order to secure a spot in these classes. Late registrations will be accepted, space permitting, and costs will be prorated.