Yoga 4 Teens


Ages 12-18

Why “teen-focused” yoga? Because this class will provide a space and the supports for students to establish a practice, or to dive deeper into the eight limbs of yoga. Because being a human (particularly a teenaged human) can be wonderful and exciting, but it can also be challenging. Because yoga can help us access inner wisdom, find meaningful connections to others, and to find balance, on the mat and in everyday life.

This class will be team-taught by three teachers with a diverse body of experience with both yoga and teenagers: Michael Alex has two decades of experience working with teens as a high school teacher and is the creator of Yoga4Teens: Exploring Paths to Wellness. He is particularly passionate about exploring meditation, mindfulness and movement practices to optimize health. Krista Hunt has worked with teens and young adults in many capacities, including teaching trauma-informed yoga; sexual health, consent and active bystanding; and community activism. She is passionate about restorative yoga and the ethical limbs of yoga as ways to navigate a very complicated world. Lucy Panko, graduated from Octopus Garden’s most recent 500-hour teacher training while in high school. As an elite triathlete, she came to yoga in hopes of recovering from an injury but quickly experienced benefits that extended far beyond her success as an athlete. Lucy is passionate about using movement and stillness as a way to explore relationship to self, and transferring these practices off the mat to deepen connections with others.

We will collaborate with participants to explore the power and potential inherent in a living yoga practice. This will include:

  • Understanding the basic biomechanics of healthy movement, particularly in terms of asana
  • How the ancient wisdom of yoga traditions can be integrated with cutting edge brain science to pursue particular paths to personal wellness
  • A primer on techniques to support mental and physical health, particularly the basics of breath, meditation and restoration
  • Focused discussion on topics that relate to the lives and priorities of teens today (and which participants will work as a group to identify), with a practical focus on strategies for navigating our hyper-mobile and plugged in world in ways that promote health, peace and nonviolence
  • Integration of play, concentration, teen-advocacy (for dealing effectively and peacefully with difficult situations) and other healthy-life hacks

In short, this will be a fun, engaging and rewarding journey we take together as we investigate what it means to be human, how to navigate our world as younger (and older) people, and how yoga can form the basis of a personal practice for health, happiness and contribution to our shared world.

  • Dates: Tuesdays, October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31; November 7
  • Time: 4:15pm to 5:30pm
  • Cost: $90 plus HST for a six-week session.

Please note: Preregistration is required in order to secure a spot in these classes. Late registrations will be accepted, space permitting, and costs will be prorated.