Yoga Nidra Pop-Ups

with Taryn Diamond — October-December


The fall and winter months are an ideal time for rest and introspection. Yoga Nidra is the perfect means for achieving both. In order to encourage a more regular practice, Taryn is offering three pop-up nidra classes from October through December. During nidra, our brainwaves slow down to the pace we experience when we are dreaming. It’s no wonder, then, that participants frequently fall asleep—our bodies aren’t used to being awake when the mind is this still! A regular nidra practice will enable you to enjoy the benefits of a calmer mind and to carry these blissful states into your waking life.


Puppy Yoga

with puppies — December 8th

Puppy Yoga

Join us for this special yoga class to support Lions Foundation of Canada’s Guide Dogs.

This class will be literally going to the dogs!

Did you know that Dog Guides are trained to assist with more than blindness and visual impairments? Lions Foundation of Canada trains seven types of Dog Guides to help with a wide range of disabilities. To learn more, or to make a life-changing donation, please visit

Note: All proceeds from this class will go to Lions Foundation of Canada’s Guide Dogs.

Tickets will go on sale October 1st. This was a sold out event last time. They will go fast! Scoop yours up at Eventbrite for either the 10am or the 11am class.


Mala-Making Workshop

with YuMee Chung — Saturday December 8

Mala Workshop

Mala beads are a traditional tool used to support a meditative mantra recitation practice called Japa. They are a beautiful and tangible reminder that our highest intentions are bodied forth by the step-by-step and breath-by-breath evolution of conscious practice both on and off the mat.


for turbulent times & turbulent minds

with Jay Andrews — December 9th

Meditation with Jay

Join Jay Andrews for a practical workshop on ways to take meditation off the cushion and use it as a lifeline during turbulent times. Learn the simple and effective techniques he credits with saving his life countless times as he embarked on the long road back from depression, addiction, and trauma. If you are seeking tools to help you manage the stresses of daily living, both large and small, this workshop is for you.


Holiday Party

with the OG community — Saturday, December 15th

Save the date holiday

Octopus Garden’s Annual Holiday party will be hosted at the studio on Saturday, December 15th, 2018. Save the date for some fun holiday community cheer!

Details to follow….

Biomechanics Meets Energetics

with Jules Mitchell — March 1-3, 2019

Jules Mitchell Training

The way we teach modern postural yoga is rapidly evolving. Stay current with continuing education informed by sports science and biomechanics research in this all-new continuing education course designed for teachers to further develop their craft. Jules Mitchell blends sharp intuition with scientifically supported concepts to foster deeper insight into the poses and why we teach them.