Therapeutic Series: Knees and Ankles

with Scott Davis — Saturday , July 15

Knees & Ankles

The knees are hinge joints that sit directly as innocent bystanders between the complexity of the heavily layered hip joints and the intricacy of the ankles as the base of our structure. Learn practical and important ways to clarify, strengthen and open up this vital connection. The ground that you stand on depends on it!


Meditate, Move, & Course Correct

with Sydney Fletcher & Glenda Myles — July 19th


A special New Moon Workshop where we release what is no longer serving us and step into the new.

Are you feeling stuck? Overwhelmed? Spinning out of control? Indecisive? Exhausted? Out of flow? Is it time to recalculate your route?


Life in Spirals

with Jesse Enright — Saturday, July 22


In this fluid and informative class we will explore the double spiral approach to alignment within yoga postures, our bodies and nature itself. With precise, systematic cueing Jesse will show you how to use the “harmonic helix” model to express perfect energetic and biomechanical balance in your practice.


Beginner's Intro to Yoga

with David Good Wednesday, August 9th

Intro to Yoga

Perfect for the absolute beginner or anyone looking to dust off that yoga mat long forgotten in their closet. Come review the basics, help build a foundation in the fundamentals of yoga, relaxation, and alignment. The goal is to get you comfortable enough to attend our public classes. The class will be a safe and inclusive environment with lots of room for questions.


Emotional Literacy

with Lisa Messina Wednesday, August 16th

Emotional Literacy

What are emotions and how do you experience them? How do emotions affect you physiologically? How are your emotions expressed and received and how do you respond to emotions expressed by others? This workshop offers time to measure, monitor, and manage emotional content and to understand the impact that our feelings have on our lives.


Yoga Biomechanics & the Science of Stretching

with Jules Mitchell — November 17-19, 2017


Asana meets biomechanics in this 3 day intensive led by Jules Mitchell MS ERYT500.