Beginners Series

with Maddy White — January 15th, 22nd & 29th


Perfect for the absolute beginner or anyone looking to dust off that yoga mat long forgotten in their closet. Come review the basics, help build a foundation in the fundamentals of yoga, relaxation, and alignment. The goal is to get you comfortable enough to attend our public classes.


Yoga Nidra Pop-Ups

with Taryn Diamond — February-April


The spring months are an ideal time for rest and renewal. Yoga Nidra is the perfect means for achieving both. In order to encourage a more regular practice, Taryn will be offering three pop-up Yoga Nidra classes from February to April. During nidra, our brainwaves slow down to the pace we experience when we are dreaming. It’s no wonder, then, that participants frequently fall asleep—our bodies aren’t used to being awake when the mind is this still! A regular nidra practice will enable you to enjoy the benefits of a calmer mind and to carry these blissful states into your waking life.



with Nicky Poole — Feb. 10, Apr. 6, May 18


Learn the foundation stances, kicks and sequences of Kalarippayat, the martial art sister of Yoga. This series of workshops will set this martial art practice in the context of similar movements found in yoga, and is open to all levels, so long as you are prepared to move and sweat. Each month we will build on the skills practiced in previous classes, but you are welcome to sign up for one, or all! Come and expand your movement repertoire and learn something new!


Nada Nataraj – Album Release and Yoga Class

with Jay Andrews & YuMee Chung — Saturday, February 16


Join percussionist, producer and yogi Jay Andrews for the release of his new album ‘Nada Nataraj.’ The culmination of a 15-year music career, ‘Nada Nataraj’ is a music for movement project which unites rhythm and sound vibration with breath-driven practices such as yoga, chi gong, and ecstatic dance.

The album release event is a flowing 2-hour yoga class led by YuMee Chung and accompanied by a live performance of Jay’s new album. Breathe, move, listen and feel. Admission includes a digital copy of ‘Nada Nataraj’ as well as a free pack of fifteen rhythm-dominant loops made for movement teachers and practitioners.



with YuMee Chung — Fridays


Calling all mystics, seekers and lovers of yoga philosophy. Our weekly Satsang (a Sanskrit word meaning “a gathering of truth seekers”) is just for you. We will come together to work deeply with yogic source materials through the tools of chanting, scriptural study, discussion, contemplation, and meditation. Let’s explore how the ancient roots of yoga can deeply nourish our lives in the here and now.


Biomechanics Meets Energetics

with Jules Mitchell — March 1-3, 2019

Jules Mitchell Training

The way we teach modern postural yoga is rapidly evolving. Stay current with continuing education informed by sports science and biomechanics research in this all-new continuing education course designed for teachers to further develop their craft. Jules Mitchell blends sharp intuition with scientifically supported concepts to foster deeper insight into the poses and why we teach them.