Yoga Nidra Pop-Ups

with Taryn Diamond — February-April


The spring months are an ideal time for rest and renewal. Yoga Nidra is the perfect means for achieving both. In order to encourage a more regular practice, Taryn will be offering three pop-up Yoga Nidra classes from February to April. During nidra, our brainwaves slow down to the pace we experience when we are dreaming. It’s no wonder, then, that participants frequently fall asleep—our bodies aren’t used to being awake when the mind is this still! A regular nidra practice will enable you to enjoy the benefits of a calmer mind and to carry these blissful states into your waking life.


Mobility Upgrade

with Lisa Messina — Tuesdays in March


Have you been stretching with minimal results? Do you want to achieve a greater range of motion safely? Do you want to get strong and flexible at the same time?

If yes, Mobility Upgrade is for you! This progressive series uses scientific principles to improve joint-health and active range of motion which will help you to move and function at your best. Using a variety of safe training methods from Functional Range Conditioning® developed by world-renowned musculoskeletal expert Dr. Andreo Spina, Lisa Messina (FRCms) will guide you through the foundations of this results-driven practice and teach you relevant progressions based on your progress. This workshop includes a daily mobility-training practice video that all participants are encouraged to do once a day for desired results.



with YuMee Chung — Fridays


Calling all mystics, seekers and lovers of yoga philosophy. Our weekly Satsang (a Sanskrit word meaning “a gathering of truth seekers”) is just for you. We will come together to work deeply with yogic source materials through the tools of chanting, scriptural study, discussion, contemplation, and meditation. Let’s explore how the ancient roots of yoga can deeply nourish our lives in the here and now.


Sing Along Jam

with John Veiga — Saturday, April 6th


This month’s Sing Along Jam will feature an Elvis classic “I Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis. Hosted by John Vega.

Please join us in the Lounge Saturday, April 6th from 7 to 9pm. If you play an instrument, please bring it, and if you have the skills then please feel free to share some harmonies or arrangements.

This is a free event and everyone is welcome.

Lend your voice and your energy to our community chant. The night will be as fun as we make it, so clear your calendar! This Jam session is to be repeated the first Saturday of every month, so if you have a song you are longing to sing—suggest away. Hope to see you there!


with Nicky Poole — Feb. 10, Apr. 6, May 18


Learn the foundation stances, kicks and sequences of Kalarippayat, the martial art sister of Yoga. This series of workshops will set this martial art practice in the context of similar movements found in yoga, and is open to all levels, so long as you are prepared to move and sweat. Each month we will build on the skills practiced in previous classes, but you are welcome to sign up for one, or all! Come and expand your movement repertoire and learn something new!


Family Yoga

with Sara Mercer — April 6


Fun family times return! Family Yoga is coming back in April

Give your family the opportunity to breathe, mindfully move, and play together! Through partner poses, yoga games, songs, and story-telling, we will explore practice through a playful lens to celebrate family and love! No prior yoga experience necessary, open to all ages, just wear some comfy clothes, and bring your family!


Beginners Series

with Maura Amadea — April 16th, 23rd & 30th


Perfect for the absolute beginner or anyone looking to dust off that yoga mat long forgotten in their closet. Come review the basics, help build a foundation in the fundamentals of yoga, relaxation, and alignment. The goal is to get you comfortable enough to attend our public classes.