Inverted Equilibrium – OG Handstand Club

with Chris Taylor — Tuesdays 9:15am-10:30am


STARTING IN APRIL!! This multi week course is designed to give take away tools and techniques for the student to work on in their own practice.

In class we will work with partners and alone to improve spacial awareness and endurance upside-down.

We will cover exercises to start, if you have no handstand, or if you are to trying to improve an existing one.


Dates: Tuesdays in April (4 dates)
Time: 9:15am – 10:30am
Cost: $120.00

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor is a Toronto based circus artist and coach. He began his physical training through
artistic gymnastics at the age of 14, going on to become a provincial level champion. With a
solid foundation in gymnastics, ballet, jazz, and modern dance Chris discovered the circus arts
and has performed around the world as an aerialist, acrobat, hand to hand flyer, juggler and

With more than 30 years of gymnastics coaching experience, Chris worked as an acrobatic coach
on Cirque du Soleils ‘Banana Spheel’ show during its Toronto run. He has been part of the
coaching team for competitive artistic gymnastics at the University of Toronto since 2005 but is
now focussing his attention as the head coach at his handstand school, Inverted Equilibrium.