Anatomy in Clay

with Charlene Yeh — 5 sessions included


Understanding your own anatomy can help to deepen your confidence on both the mat, and in your teaching. The universe of human anatomy can be engaged with in a multitude of ways. This series of workshops will help you understand the many layers of the body through working with a variety of mediums. You will use clay to mold bones and tissue paper to build muscles on a skeleton. You will also gain competence in palpating basic muscles and structures, and learn to embody your anatomy through experiential exercises.


Day 1: Fundamentals and the Axial Skeleton (Spine)
Day 2: The Pelvis
Day 3: The Feet and Legs
Day 4: The Shoulder Girdle
Day 5: The Trunk

Dates: Friday October 25 (Day 1), Saturday October 26 (Day 2), Sunday October 27 (Day 3), Friday November 16 (Day 4), Saturday November 17 (Day 5)
Time: 2 – 5 pm

Cost: $300+Hst (for all 5 sessions)