The Science of Rolling

with Roll Model® Trainer, Casey Easton — Saturday, March 3rd


In this 8-hour workshop, you will amplify your personal embodiment and learn applicable fascia science, bony landmarks, myofascial junctions, and pain physiology. Master specialized ball rolling techniques that penetrate into common high-tension areas. You will learn 6 head-to-toe series proven to affect profound change in the rotator cuff, upper back, neck, jaw, hips, lower back, IT Band, calves, and feet.

Roll Model® Therapy Balls are a soft-tissue conditioning tool that can be used as an adjunct offering within personal training, stretch, Pilates, wellness coaching, yoga, massage therapy, clinical or mental health settings, children or special populations. These on–the–go balls improve body coordination, reduce pain and improve movement. They can be used in a variety of settings; office, home, gym, clinic and yoga/Pilates studios.


Date: Saturday, March 3rd
    $310 +HST (Early-bird registration before Feb. 10)
    $350 +HST (Full price)
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Note: Register for this workshop and Ball Sequencing and Innovation and save $60!