The Art of Slow

with Bryonie Wise and India Amara — November 24th


Life is full and this time of year seems to speed itself up—in fact, right around now, we tend to dizzy ourselves in a blur of busy. For a few hours on a Sunday afternoon, join India and Bryonie for The art of slow, the perfect remedy for a blustery heart.

Remixing a few different rituals or practices—slow, careful movement paired with reflective writing and grounding stillness—you’ll float back into the hum with a recalibrated sense of inner hush.


Date: November 24th, 2019
Time: 3:00-6:00pm
Investment: $55 non-members, $50 members

Bryonie Wise is an artist, heart alchemist and daughter of nature. Her life is deeply rooted in the belief that when we come from a place of love, everything is possible. Bryonie’s own practice of living continues to teacher her how essential movement, breath, creative expression and practiced integration are for our ability to support our tender hearts.

India Amara India’s main interest in life is transformation, the alchemy of body, mind and spirit. India’s primary vocation in life thus far is being a tattoo artist based in Toronto, but having travelled the world with her craft. eEr work is custom and ritually infused for each client to evoke a sense of the sacred art that she transmits to skin. Yoga is her other main squeeze. India has been on the path of yoga since her teens, but more recently found her lineage. India teaches and shares a Tantric Hatha approach to yoga streaming from the Sri Vidya lineage.This practice enlists techniques to deepen self-awareness, cultivate energy and ultimately to lead self mastery.