Transgender Cultural Competency for Yoga Teachers

with Tobias Wiggins — July 7th


This workshop will support yoga teachers and somatic healing practitioners in facilitating a safer space for transgender* people in their classes and studios.

Together, we collaboratively develop the capacity to better understand, effectively communicate with, and hold space for this marginalized population. This in-depth session covers basic terminology, elaborates upon transgender people’s common experience of yoga studios, and provides tangible strategies for genuine transgender cultural competency and inclusion. We will also explore techniques for addressing gendered issues as they arise in yoga spaces including non-defensive listening and how to advocate for change.

Transgender is an umbrella term which encompasses, but is not limited to, identifications including trans*, Two Spirit, transsexual, genderqueer, non-binary, gender non-conforming, MTF, FTM, transwoman, transman, gender dysphoric, bi-gendered, and a-gender. However, not all those listed under this umbrella may identify with the terminology of transgender. If you are trans-identified and would like to attend this workshop, please send Tobias an email

Tobias Wiggins, PhD, is a registered yoga instructor, researcher, and social justice educator located in Toronto, Ontario. His lived identity and complex history of trauma has inspired his personal and professional yoga journey for over 20 years. He aims to contribute to a diverse, thriving community that is accessible to all and fundamentally political.

Octopus Garden is physically accessible and has an accessible, gender-neutral bathroom. Please be in touch in advance if you have any other specific access needs.


Date: Sunday, July 7th
Time: 12:00 to 3:00pm
Cost: $60 (Note: some sliding spots available. Please contact Tobias for consideration.)