Yoga and Your Pelvic Floor

with Michelle Fraser — June 9th

Pelvic Health

In this dynamic workshop, we will build the foundation for integrating your pelvic floor muscles into your yoga practice, from the point of view of a pelvic health physiotherapist. Through discussion and embodied movement, you will become acquainted with your pelvic floor muscles and how these muscles are synergistic with the rest of your inner core. You will gain the knowledge and skills to find a healthy balance of these muscles during your daily activities. You will learn how your pelvic floor can help to guide you towards a safe and pain-free yoga practice. Special consideration will be given to how trauma, the pelvic floor, and movement are interrelated.

Although this workshop includes embodied movement, this will be gentle; participants of all abilities are invited to join in!


Date: June 9th
Time: 1:00 to 4:00pm
Cost: $50 ($40 for members) +HST

About Michelle:

Michelle Fraser, PT BA, BScPT, FCAMPT, CYT, MEd is a pelvic health advocate and educator who works with persons of all genders either experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction or interested in understanding the complexities of pelvic health. She is on a mission to empower people in Canada and internationally to take charge of their pelvic health, which can often be a life-changing experience for anyone who has suffered pelvic health dysfunction.

In addition to being an orthopaedic and pelvic health physiotherapist, Michelle is a certified yoga instructor, enriching her finely tuned treatment methods with yogic philosophy and the benefits of mindful movement.