Yoga Playground

with Michael Alex and Krista Hunt —February 3rd & 10th


Feel like playing but it’s too cold to go to the park? Want to learn how to swing from the monkey bars, increasing shoulder mobility and upper body strength and providing balance and stability for your favourite arm balance or bound asana? Want to move through playful variations like ‘malasana on the move’, jumping utkatasasa, getting-up-and-downasana, utitha uttanasana pull-ups, partner navasana, dowel dance, hanging cartwheels and unsteady wheel-barrel? Join us for a mindful sweat that focuses on playful movement as a funadamental dimension of our yoga practice. Session will wrap up with a group game and then end with a restorative savasana. This mix of yoga, movement and play provide the building blocks and seed poses for life.


Dates: Saturdays, February 3rd and 10th
Cost: $30 each or $50 for both ($25/$40 for members) +HST
Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm