Darcie Ladd


Darcie’s yoga practice has been a powerful centering force in her life. Her passion for yoga grew over the course of a decade, eventually leading her to leave her career on Bay St. to pursue teaching yoga.

Darcie’s classes are taught with lightness and humour while also conveying her deep respect for the meditative and philosophical aspects of the yoga tradition. Always looking for new ways to both challenge and address the specific needs of her students at every level of practice, she often integrates components of different yoga and movement modalities into her classes.

As a mom of two, with training in pre/postnatal yoga, she is particularly comfortable teaching and holding space for women during and after pregnancy. Darcie has a special love for teaching parent and baby classes where she aims to create a safe space for new parents to feel into and build strength in their bodies, counterbalance some of the physical demands of parenting, and build a supportive community environment.

Darcie completed 200 hours of training at Yyoga in 2017. She has since completed the 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training and has received certification in Pre/Postnatal and Restorative Yoga at Octopus Garden Yoga Center.