Elke Schroeder


Elke came to yoga through dance and leads a fluid, strong and challenging Vinyasa-style class infused with creative variations.
As an accomplished dancer and performer in many disciplines, Elke’s 20-year relationship with dance and its consequent body fatigue led her to seek healing – happily, she discovered yoga!

A graduate of the Octopus Garden Teacher Training Program, Elke owes her deep love of yoga to her inspiring teachers Scott Davis, Pat Harada Linfoot, and J-P Tamblyn. She has had the opportunity to study with Nicki Doane, Eddie Modestini, Shiva Rea, and Mark Whitwell, and continues to explore different teachers and various styles of yoga.

Elke encourages a sense of play in the practice and her teachings cultivate a curiosity towards revealing the body’s intrinsic wisdom. Bringing knowledge from her broad dance and movement training, she is interested in fitting the practice to the individual and making the practice accessible to all who seek to learn. Elke continues to dance, perform, and love her yoga practice.