Kathrin Brunner


Kathrin began practicing yoga in her early twenties to balance her work in a high-demand role with an environmental NGO. Under strict orders from her boss to get on a mat, Kathrin began her yoga journey and now she cannot thank her boss enough!

Within a year, not only could she touch her toes, but she had quit smoking, took an interest in nutrition, cured herself of insomnia and learned how to deal with daily stress. A year after that, Kathrin completed her first teacher training with Sivananda.

Now, a decade into her practice, Kathrin has discovered that what happened to her wasn’t magic. (Although yoga is pretty darn magical!) Yoga helped her to connect to herself – to body, heart, and spirit. Once connected, Kathrin was inspired to treat those things with more loving kindness and attention.

In addition to further studies at Octopus Garden (300 hour Advanced Teacher Training and 40 hour Restorative Training), Kathrin completed her studies in Applied Holistic Nutrition and currently works as a practitioner in Octopus Garden’s wellness clinic.

Kathrin’s classes share the ‘magic’ of yoga: it’s ability to inspire, transform, strengthen and restore. What she loves most about teaching is the potential to connect to ourselves, to each other, and to the earth.