Kristy Scime


Kristy has been practising yoga off and on for over ten years but became truly devoted after she found aerial yoga. The playfulness and whimsy of aerial yoga combined with fleeting moments of fear (often immediately followed by moments of exhilaration) keeps the mind completely present with the body leading to a practice like no other. She believes the beauty in aerial yoga lies in the ability to connect with the inner child, to be playful, to be curious, to be silly and unafraid of the unfamiliar; qualities as adults we often as deny ourselves.

For Kristy it was like magic the moment she touched the silk. She began teaching aerial yoga in 2014, immediately discovering, sharing the practice with others to be as wonderful, educational and rewarding as the practice itself. In 2016 she completed her 200hr teacher training at Octopus Garden with plans to continue pursuing her yoga education indefinitely.