Laura Wood


Laura completed her 200 hour certification at YogaSpace 10 years ago and quickly realized that her primary passion focused on working with pregnant women and new mothers. Laura has spent much of the last 8 years dedicated to learning how to best support mothers and families during this important time.

Having received her pre-natal yoga training at YogaSpace with Sasha Padron, Laura went on to compliment her yoga practice by completing her Pilates certification through Body Harmonics. Laura has trained and worked as a doula and is now the mother of 2 young energetic boys. Laura personally experienced the powerful and nourishing nature of yoga and pilates as tools to foster intuition, to remain present and practice self love. Laura infuses her yoga practice with elements of pilates to help students feel more aligned and supported yet open and grounded at the same time. She believes that healthy movement begins with a dynamic core system and creates classes that help students develop a stronger physical awareness and connection to their bodies. Laura’s sense of humour, honesty, and welcoming attitude, creates a space for students to feel supported and nurtured.