Lisa Freeman


Lisa first discovered yoga by chance one crisp winter day on a stroll down Roncesvalles Avenue. After one class she was hooked and has never looked back.

For Lisa, yoga is an opportunity to energize body, mind and spirit. She hopes to inspire in her students a love of movement and adventure balanced by understanding and compassion for oneself and others.

For Lisa, yoga is the embodiment of persistent effort tempered by the practise of non-attachment. Her best teachers in this regard have been her two children (now teenagers), Maya and Sasa.

After many years of practice, Lisa’s love for yoga led her to complete the Octopus Garden Yoga Teacher Training Program in the fall and winter of 2008/2009 and to enroll in the Octopus Garden 300 hour Teacher Training Program. Lisa is grateful to her teachers Scott Davis and Pat Harada Linfoot and sincerely hopes to be able to pass on their many gifts to the people whom she is blessed to teach.