Lisa Messina


Lisa has been actively pursuing the art of movement since the day she could walk. Her passion for movement started at the age of 2 in her very first ballet class. She continued on to a professional career in the performing arts for 7 years. A re-occurring dance related injury and other health issues led Lisa to explore Yoga and Pilates. Since then, she has been dedicated to these transformational practices as a student and as a teacher.

She has been studying since 2003 under the guidance of Miriane Taylor, Ron Reid, Diane Bruni, David Robson, JP Tamblyn-Sabo, Scott Davis, and Pat Harada Linfoot. She has also studied in depth with well known teachers in the U.S. and in India.

Lisa feels that yoga conditions the physical body to experience fluid energy, conditions the mind to naturally find stillness, and eventually, sets the spirit free. She is passionate about practicing and teaching. With love, creativity, and depth, Lisa encourages others to experience their infinite potential and to find clarity in their practices and everyday life.

Lisa teaches regular classes and private sessions in Toronto and loves travelling to host various workshops and retreats in other cities. She is honoured to share her experiences and the value of this living tradition with the community at Octopus Garden.