Maddy White


Maddy White was introduced to the practice of yoga at a young age by a physiotherapist who recommended it to help with her scoliosis. Like many people, she started practicing as a way to stay active in a lifestyle that didn’t involve much movement, but soon she began to see the other benefits of yoga. Yoga became crucial to managing the stress that came with attending university and it provided a means for self-inquiry and self-acceptance.

After graduating from university and spending a year and a half in the corporate world, Maddy realized for the first time in a long time what she wanted to do. She cancelled her enrollment in a Master’s program and enrolled in the 200-hour teacher training at Octopus Garden. She hasn’t looked back since. Maddy has completed 500 hours of teacher training at Octopus Garden, and she is also trained to teach Restorative Yoga, and Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga. She is thankful to all her teachers for enriching her life.