Marshal Linfoot


After an injury ended Marshal’s martial arts practice, he sought a healing practice that would keep him strong, mobile, and active through the rest of his life. He found yoga.

Having an arthritic knee has taught Marshal patience and compassion for students who might feel they are not "yogis" and serves as a constant reminder that yoga must be different for each individual. Life is complicated enough: a yoga practice should be a time to observe and reflect, nourish and strengthen, and enjoy simple, satisfying activity.

Marshal has taught yoga at universities, as part of institutional wellness programs, privately in people's homes, and for the last five years at Octopus Garden. He believes that taking time to smell the flowers, saying hello to a stranger on the street, truly listening when others speak, noticing beauty in unlikely places, and being guided by your heart are some of the things that can change the world.

Marshal has been fortunate to have been taught by many gifted teachers including Eric Schiffman, Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers, Eddie Modestini, and Nicki Doane.