Maura Amadea


For Maura yoga is an exploration of movement and stillness. By using the body and breath we dive deeper into the present moment. Yoga can be deeply introspective and yet at the same time can help us to draw out curiosity, playfulness and understanding of the world around us.

Maura has been a practitioner of yoga for half her life and has been a keen mover for longer. Originally having a background in athletics, she found yoga as a teenager to help balance a busy body and mind. She keep on returning to this holistic practice because of the healing qualities to the spirit and body. Maura finished over 500 hours of training at Octopus Garden Holistic Yoga Centre in 2017. Yoga on the mat helped give Maura the courage and perhaps the shift of perspective to try something she only dreamed of; the aerial arts. Six years later she is still passionate about aerial silks and is now combining her two loves of yoga and the silks. Whether being up in the air or down on her mat the practice is focussed on presence, playfulness, inclusivity, and the cultivation compassion.

“a friend. is somebody that supports your breath.”
-nayyirah waheed