Michael Alex


Michael found yoga over a decade ago when it was suggested as a way to heal injuries incurred through sport. But it was the mental and emotional impact of practice that kept him coming back to the mat. Michael loves yoga because it is a learning practice—one that offers a limitless number of teachings about body, mind, and spirit.

Surrender is the foundation of Michael’s practice, through which he cultivates compassion for self and community. Though he embraces yoga as serious and sacred, he encourages students to practice with a light heart and a sense of play. 

Already an experienced, if unconventional, high school teacher, Michael completed 200 and 300 hour training programs at Octopus Garden to deepen his connection to yoga through teaching. He has since developed “Yoga4Teens: Exploring Paths to Wellness,” a high school yoga course which he offers in Toronto schools. His own education continues through a daily practice that integrates systems of natural and functional movement and contemplative strategies to find healing and peace. 

Michael’s classes are marked by a commitment to joyful experimentation. The foundation of his teaching is safe, healthy movement that questions preconceived notions of what yoga can be. Michael aims to support students to build strength, mobility, and balance— on and off the mat.