Nicola Francis


Nicola’s yoga journey started in 2006 as a way to introduce movement into her corporate desk-based life. She quickly learned that the magic of yoga answers the body’s call for physical movement, through a process of self-discovery filled with gratitude. As her yoga practice became a way of life, time started to slow down, moments became clearer and she was hooked!

Her journey continued with over 600 hours of learning at Octopus Garden Yoga Centre, including Fundamental, Advanced, Restorative, and Pre/Post Natal yoga trainings. Nicola aims to create an unintimidating space in her class, for all humans to explore, connect and see what arises. Group classes are designed with elements of functional movement, flow, and stillness for everybody to experience in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

When we’re able to look inward with love, we begin to look outward without judgement.
Seeing things just as they are. Seeing ourselves, just as we are.
This is the magic of yoga.