Niki Ainslie


Feeling rather disillusioned and seeking something more, Niki walked into her first yoga class some 20 years ago. She was immediately enticed by the practice. The feeling of being calm, grounded and at home in her body was a great pleasure. Honing skills to be more adaptable, practicing the art of letting go, learning to listen and pay attention—it was all too much for her to resist.

Over 700 hours of teacher training later and Niki feels like she’s got more to learn than ever about this humbling practice. Niki completed 200 hours of Teacher Training with Prana Yoga College in Thailand, as well as a 300-hour Teacher Training and Restorative Training at Octopus Garden Yoga Centre. She is trained in Pre-Natal Yoga and has been lucky enough to teach children yoga too. She is thankful for her many teachers near and far. Equipped with the tools learned from her yoga practice, Niki strives to live a graceful, kind-hearted, and peaceful life. She is grateful to be able to roll out her mat and move when all else fails. She considers herself a work in progress.

Niki’s classes endeavour to be dynamic and grounding. She hopes to encourage breath whenever possible and loves the quote by Donna Farhi, “Breathing freely is a courageous act.” Niki aspires to grow braver still and to inspire the same courage in others.