Taryn Diamond


Taryn is an energetic and inclusive instructor, drawing from experience in facilitation, gender analysis, and a commitment to social justice. Having practiced yoga for a decade, Taryn began sharing her love of yoga upon completing over 500 hours of Yoga Education at Octopus Garden Holistic Yoga Centre in 2012.

With her training in yoga, restorative yoga, and meditation, she is able to provide her students with a balanced practice. She is especially grateful for the ongoing mentorship she receives from instructors Pat Harada Linfoot, Scott Davis, and Jeff Warren.

Taryn believes yoga allows people to express their true natures, first through movement and then through cultivating a deeper connection with the self and with others. She loves the creativity yoga has sparked in her life and utilizes this “spark” to ensure that yoga is, first and foremost, fun! Taryn aims to empower students to practice on their own by providing a safe foundation from which to explore. With light and love, she embodies compassionate and holistic approaches to individual and community learning.