Meditation e-Course



Meditation 101 e-Course

There is a bounty of research available on the health benefits of meditation. Meditation can bring a sense of calm, peace and balance that benefits both your emotional well-being and your overall health.

We are now offering Pat’s popular Meditation 101 course as a 21-day e-course. It is delivered to your inbox daily. You will receive guided meditations and information to support and enhance your meditation practice.

This course is suitable for both beginners and seasoned practitioners.

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About the Program

This program focuses on the experiential elements of the meditative experience and on the following questions:

  • What is meditation?
  • How does it work?
  • What are the benefits of practice?
  • How do we meditate? What are the principles and techniques?
  • How do we practice off the mat?

This program is delivered via email daily. You can ask questions at any time throughout the program by simply replying to one of the emails. You will receive a response within 24 hours.

Cost for the program

e-Course: $40 +HST
e-Course + 30-min skype call with Pat: $70 +HST

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The daily emails were my favourite part. I shared them with friends,who also found them to be inspiring. Pat’s confidence, wisdom and passion for meditation are inspiring.  ‑JM

Meditation 101 taught me a variety of practical meditation and mindfulness techniques and helped me to incorporate regular meditation practice into my daily routine. After just a few weeks of daily practice over the course of the workshop I noticed changes in my ability to focus and regulate emotions. I am very grateful to Pat for introducing me to a practice that profoundly enriched my life.  ‑VS

I really enjoyed the emails as they provided context and lots of food for thought.  ‑RP

Daily e-mail reminders. These were EXTREMELY helpful and allowed me to integrate my practice throughout my day. I would wake up to them, I would read them when stuck in traffic or downtime at work, and during periods of high stress/frustration/anxiety/etc.  ‑MK

Meditation is very hard for me…harder than any advanced yoga pose. Pat made the process attainable and created a safe environment for me to deepen my practice and take it to the next level.  ‑DG

I enjoyed the workshop because it was a lesson on compassion and trust. It helped me trust my inner guidance and be compassionate with myself through the process of building a meditation practice.  ‑DM

It was a pleasure to be a student of Pat’s for this course. She provided me with a subtle yet strong foundation from which to build a daily meditation practice.  ‑JS

The workshop progression was perfect, and the emails really supported each day’s sit. I feel like I have 21 weeks, or 21 months of of practice inside those 21 emails. The practice of meditating has significantly altered the way I spend the moments of each day. With presence and pause at the foreground I’m committed to meditating for the rest of my life. The workshop provided infinite value. So grateful to have such a workshop available.  ‑LD

All the elements of this workshop worked for me! I really appreciated, and got a lot from, the daily emails – I would look forward to receiving each email. These emails were well-written and explained ideas in a way that was clear and easy for me to understand. Pat’s calm and wise guidance made the experience positive and allowed for me to grow in understanding at my own pace.  ‑TT

Loved, loved, loved it. Pat was amazing and I don’t think I could have established a daily practice without this course. The e-mails were key to supporting me to sit. I liked the range of ways to meditate and know that I will use a bunch of them. I will definitely use this both on and off the mat. I think this will be a key way to practice when I am overwhelmed by my own suffering, and especially that of others.  ‑KH