Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership Fees

The Membership Agreement between a Member and Octopus Garden Yoga Inc. (the “Studio”) is on a monthly basis at a rate of $118 per month for each month of the membership or an annual payment of $1,296 plus HST payable in advance on the date of activation. In addition to the monthly fee, a one-time membership setup fee of $30.00 will be charged with the first monthly installment. Members are entitled to unlimited drop-in and preregistered classes, a personalized initial consultation, 10% off workshops and therapeutic treatments, 10% off retail items, and free mat storage. Applicable sales tax will be added to all fees (i.e. 13% HST).

Cancellation Policy

Membership may be canceled at any time. Notice of cancellation will entitle the Studio to charge one additional Monthly Fee. Membership privileges will continue throughout the term of the additional month charged. No refunds will be given for annual memberships.

Terms and Conditions

The Member agrees to allow the Studio to charge his/her credit card or to process a pre-authorized withdrawal for the purpose of his/her membership fees pursuant to the Membership Agreement. Member acknowledges that a charge of $25.00 will be made for any withdrawals not completed due to insufficient funds. Member understands that (s)he has the ability to “suspend” or “pause” his/her membership at any point in time for a minimum of one (1) week and a maximum of three (3) months per twelve (12) months of membership. A request to pause membership must be made by completing and submitting the online Membership Pause Request form. Studio reserves the right to deny Member a pause in membership and/or reject the Request to Pause Membership application at its sole and absolute discretion. Pauses in membership shall not come into effect unless and until the Studio provides its express approval to the Member of the Request to Pause Membership. The Studio may change the membership fee under the Membership Agreement with 30 days notice. It is expressly understood and agreed that the Membership Agreement is not assignable or transferable by Member and no rights or privileges granted by the membership can be transferred or assigned by Member. Member agrees to keep and obey all rules and regulations now in force or in the future prescribed by the Studio, for the use of the Studio facilities, premises and equipment therein. The Studio reserves the right to revoke a Membership Agreement if the Member fails to keep and obey any of such rules and regulations.