Open Arms Outreach


Open Arms, Octopus Garden's community outreach project, has been created to bring free yoga classes to underserved neighbourhoods in Toronto.

What is Open Arms?

Open Arms' mission is simple: connect our talented and caring teachers with students who would not otherwise have access to yoga classes.

We are partnering with community centres in Toronto’s diverse neighbourhoods to provide yoga in safe and caring environments where every student – of any age, background and fitness level – can connect to themselves, their fellow students and the larger tradition of yoga.

Open Arms is currently running classes at:

Why are we doing this?

The Open Arms project was created to help take down cost and access barriers that prevent large sections of Toronto’s population from integrating yoga’s benefits into their lives and from contributing to the evolving tradition of the practice.

Tools To Enhance Quality of Life

Based on our experience as students and teachers, we believe that regular practice provides tools that facilitate greater joy, health and mobility, and that help people deal more effectively with stress. Life’s stresses can be compounded by any number of factors including financial strain, physically demanding work and other challenges.

We think teaching students ways to connect to their own natural vitality, range of motion and ability to find contentment in the face of external challenges is empowering and rewarding for everyone.

Enriching the Yoga Tradition

In our classes, we learn as much as we teach. Inviting students of diverse perspectives and backgrounds to practice with us ensures our practice, and the wider tradition of yoga, continues to develop and grow.

Understanding our interconnectedness is not complicated - it’s about building relationships and being open to new possibilities, ideas and ways of doing things. Flexibility of mind and body ensures that creativity and agility remain key components of the evolution of yoga.

Want to help?

We are currently seeking donations of new or gently used mats, blocks, straps and any other props you would like to give to a good cause.

If you would like to help by making a cash donation, your contribution will be used to keep this project strong (and would be greatly appreciated!).

Find Out More

Find out more by contacting or calling 416-515-8885.