Class Schedule

Effective June 1, 2016

Friday, August 26
7:00-8:15amNatasha PriestAll Levels
10:00-11:00amKathrin BrunnerAll Levels
10:00-12:00pmPat and YuMee*Self-Practice
1:00-2:15pmJennifer HellandLevel 1-2 Flow
4:00-5:15pmHeather CracowerRestorative
5:45-7:00pmHeather CracowerLevel 1-2
7:15-8:30pmDavid GoodLevel 1
Saturday, August 27
9:00-10:30amYuMee ChungLevel 2-3 Flow
10:45-12:15pmScott DavisFunctional Playground All Levels
12:30-1:45pmPat Harada LinfootYoga & Meditation (AL)
2:00-3:15pmMorgan CowieTherapeutics Level 1 (Ropes)
3:30-4:45pmPat Harada LinfootLevel 1-2 Flow
5:00-6:15pmTheresa WhitelyRestorative
6:30-7:45pmJesse EnrightAll Levels
Sunday, August 28
9:00-10:30amMorgan Cowie*Level 2 Flow
10:45-12:00pmYuMee ChungLevel 1
12:15-1:30pmYuMee ChungYoga Tune-Up
3:30-4:45pmJesse EnrightLevel 1-2
5:00-6:15pmMarshal LinfootRestorative
6:30-8:00pmJohn VeigaAcro/Partner All Levels
Monday, August 29
7:00-8:15amRose RiccioAll Levels
10:00-11:00amJesse EnrightAll Levels
1:00-2:15pmPat Harada LinfootLevel 1-2 Flow
4:00-5:00pmHeather CracowerStrength and Mobility
6:00-7:15pmLisa MessinaLevel 1
6:00-7:30pmTheresa Whitely*Level 2 Flow
7:30-9:30pmJeff WarrenCEC Meditation Sit and Sangha
7:45-8:45pmTheresa Whitely*Restorative
9:00-10:00pmDavid GoodAll Levels
Tuesday, August 30
7:00-9:00amJohn VeigaSelf-Practice
10:00-11:00amLisa MessinaAll Levels
1:00-2:15pmPat Harada LinfootLevel 1-2 Flow
4:00-5:00pmTheresa Whitely*Level 1
6:00-7:15pmPat Harada LinfootLevel 1-2 Flow
6:00-7:15pmMorgan CowieRestorative
7:30-8:30pmTaryn DiamondMeditation
7:30-8:45pmJesse EnrightLevel 1
9:00-10:00pmTaryn DiamondAll Levels
Wednesday, August 31
7:00-8:15amNatasha Priest*All Levels
10:00-11:15amJesse Enright*Functional Flow Yoga AL
1:00-2:15pmChristine AlevizakisLevel 1-2 Flow
4:00-5:15pmRachael Corbin*Level 1 Community
5:15-7:15pmYuMee ChungSelf-Practice
6:00-7:15pmJesse EnrightAll Levels
7:30-8:45pmYuMee ChungLevel 1-2
9:00-10:00pmDavid GoodAll Levels
Thursday, September 01
7:00-9:00amJohn VeigaSelf-Practice
10:00-11:00amJesse EnrightAll Levels
11:30-12:30pmMorgan CowieParent and Baby (preregistered)
1:00-2:15pmLisa MessinaLevel 1-2
4:00-5:00pmTaryn DiamondLevel 1
6:00-7:15pmMorgan CowieLevel 1-2 Flow
6:00-7:15pmDavid GoodRestorative
7:30-8:45pmErin PlenertLevel 1
9:00-10:00pmTaryn DiamondAll Levels

* denotes a substitute teacher.