Class Schedule

Effective January 3rd, 2017

Tuesday, November 21
7:00-9:00amJohn VeigaYoga Clinic
10:00-11:00amNicky PooleAll Levels
11:30-12:30pmNicky PooleParent and Baby (preregistered)
1:00-2:15pmLisa MessinaLevel 1-2 Flow
4:00-5:00pmLisa MessinaPilates
4:15-5:30pmCancelled TodayTeen Yoga (preregistered)
6:00-7:15pmJohn Veiga*Inversions 101 All Levels
6:00-7:15pmNiki Ainslie*Level 1-2 Flow
7:30-8:30pmKerry Dorey*Meditation
7:30-8:45pmLucy Panko*All Levels
9:00-10:00pmGlenda Myles*Restorative
Wednesday, November 22
7:00-8:15amKrista HuntAll Levels
10:00-11:15amAnne Chiandet*Level 1 Flow
11:30-12:45pmMaddy White*Yoga for Longevity
1:00-2:15pmNicky PooleLevel 1-2
4:00-5:15pmKerry Dorey*All Levels
4:00-5:15pmMaddy & KikoKids Yoga (7-11) (preregistered)
5:15-7:15pmPat & YuMeeYoga Clinic
6:00-7:15pmMichael Alex*All Levels
7:30-8:45pmYuMee ChungLevel 1-2
9:00-10:00pmNiki AinslieAll Levels
Thursday, November 23
7:00-9:00amJohn VeigaYoga Clinic
10:00-11:00amJennifer Helland*All Levels
11:30-12:30pmLisa MessinaPilates
1:00-2:15pmLisa MessinaLevel 1-2 Flow
4:00-5:15pmYuMee ChungLevel 1
6:00-7:15pmYuMee ChungLevel 1-2 Flow
6:00-7:15pmNicky PooleYoga Movement Flow
7:30-8:30pmNicky PoolePrenatal (preregistered)
7:30-8:45pmKerry Dorey*Level 1
9:00-10:00pmDavid GoodAll Levels
Friday, November 24
7:00-8:15amMichael AlexAll Levels
10:00-11:00amKathrin BrunnerAll Levels
10:00-12:00pmPat & NickyYoga Clinic with live music
1:00-2:15pmJennifer HellandLevel 1-2 Flow
4:00-5:00pmHeather CracowerPilates
6:00-7:15pmMichael AlexLevel 1-2
7:30-8:45pmKrista HuntRestorative
Saturday, November 25
9:00-10:30amTo be Announced*Level 2-3 Flow
10:45-12:00pmTo be Announced*Level 1
12:15-1:30pmTo be Announced*Yoga Movement Flow
2:00-3:15pmJames Fraser*The Essential 8
3:30-4:45pmTo be Announced*Level 1-2 Flow
5:00-6:15pmGlenda MylesRestorative
6:30-7:45pmTaryn Diamond*All Levels
Sunday, November 26
9:00-10:30amJennifer HellandLevel 2 Flow
10:45-12:00pmJennifer Helland*Level 1
12:15-1:30pmTo be Announced*Yoga Tune-Up
2:00-3:15pmDavid GoodRope Wall Level 1
3:30-4:45pmTo be Announced*Level 1-2
5:00-6:15pmMarshal LinfootRestorative
6:30-8:00pmJohn VeigaAcro/Partner All Levels
Monday, November 27
7:00-8:15amRose RiccioAll Levels
10:00-11:00amHeather Cracower*All Levels
1:00-2:15pmPat Harada LinfootLevel 1-2 Flow
4:00-5:15pmIngrid Girdauskas*Community All Levels
5:45-7:15pmLisa FreemanLevel 2 Flow
6:00-7:15pmLisa MessinaLevel 1-2
7:30-8:45pmLisa MessinaRestorative
7:30-9:30pmJeff WarrenCEC Meditation Sit and Sangha
9:00-10:00pmDavid GoodAll Levels

* denotes a substitute teacher.