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Octopus Garden Holistic Yoga Centre is a community of health-based practitioners and teachers who work to incorporate the joy of yoga into all areas of our lives. Our centre offers the following programs and services to help you enrich and broaden your practice (and have some fun, too!).

Membership Program

To help make regular yoga practice more accessible to more people, Octopus Garden offers a $118-a-month Membership Program. As a Member, you receive:

  • Unlimited drop-in classes.
  • Personalized initial consultation with an experienced teacher.
  • 10% off workshops and retail items.
  • Free mat storage. (Note: our mat storage is an honour-based system. If you move a mat, please put it back. We cannot be responsible for lost or misplaced mats.)

Find out more about becoming a Member by sending us an or calling 416-515-8885.

Drop in Yoga Classes

Creative and varied yoga classes designed to suit a wide range of levels and needs. Levels range from classes suited to beginners completely new to yoga to experienced practitioners and teachers.
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Private Yoga Sessions

Traditionally, yoga was taught one-on-one so that the very specific needs of each body and mind could be illuminated progressively. A one-on-one private yoga session with an experienced teacher can be an instrumental step in deepening your yoga experience, your personal practice, and discovering things that might easily be overlooked in a larger class experience. It can also provide a therapeutic, sustainable answer to specific ailments and a deeper understanding of emotions that surface during practice. A private yoga session is particularly beneficial for shedding light on the physical and emotional shifts that inevitably arise with a long-time practice.

The exact nature of a private yoga session will differ depending on the needs and personal goals of each client but the intent of each session is the same: to improve each person’s overall health and well-being in ways specific to their physical and emotional state.

Private yoga sessions may focus on:

  • therapeutic treatment of physical ailments or discomfort
  • creating sequences or a customized practice for impermanent life phases like pregnancy, post-natal, menopause or injury rehabilitation
  • a deeper understanding of body mechanics and technique to take one’s practice to the next level
  • working with specific goal poses
  • developing a meditation or pranayama practice

Yoga in the Workplace

Octopus Garden provides corporations and workplaces with the convenience of on-site yoga classes, and all the benefits they bring. Tailored to meet the needs of your group, a yoga class in the workplace includes a physical component of stretching and strengthening and a deep focus on the breath. The result is a meditative and energizing practice that rejuvenates both the body and mind, increases concentration and reduces stress – the number one cause of absenteeism in the workplace, according to Statistics Canada. A yoga class can improve morale and communication at work and contribute to an overall sense of well-being among employees.

Yoga in the workplace can also address the challenges that are inherent to many sedentary jobs. They include, chronic muscle tension and pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and emotional stress A series of 10 one-hour classes can facilitate a dramatic improvement in these common conditions, allowing employees to focus on what they do best.

All our corporate classes are taught by certified yoga instructors and are held on-site, scheduled at your convenience. Please call us at 416 515 8885 or for more information or to book classes.

Fees: $150/hour or $1400 for ten classes

Teacher Training and Yoga Education Program

The Octopus Garden Teacher Training and Yoga Education program is a comprehensive 1000-hour curriculum divided into three segments: 200-hours, 300-hours, and 500-hours. Each component may be taken individually or together as part of a two-year program of study. This program is the most extensive and rigorous of its kind in Canada and exceeds the highest standards of the Yoga Alliance.
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Workshops and Pre-Registered Courses

We offer a number of opportunities to deepen your practice through ongoing, specialized classes and one-time focused workshops. Reservations are required for these classes

and can be booked through our reception desk.
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Therapeutic Treatments

As a part of a commitment to holistic health, therapists from a number of different healing modalities treat patients at our centre. Therapists represent the best of their field and are united in their love and passion for yoga as a component of a health-based lifestyle, both in their personal and professional practice.
Find out more about our therapists.

Studio Boutique

Our studio boutique houses our tried, tested and most favourite yoga products. Be it quality yoga apparel, props, or yoga texts, we stand behind each item offered for purchase. Visit our shop near the reception desk! OG gift cards are also available for that special yogi in your life.

Full-time reception staff

Have questions? Want to book a session with a therapist or register for a workshop? Looking to find out more about particular teachers and classes? Our reception staff can provide you with assistance and information to help you quickly and easily get what you need.