Continuing Education: 14 hours

with Jesse Enright — October 13th-15th 2017

Anatomy Teacher Training

Advanced Applied Anatomy and Functional Biomechanics

A basic working knowledge of the human body is not only essential for a curious yoga instructor, it is becoming more and more vital for all of us. As our culture becomes more sedentary and disconnected from our physical experience, more and more of us exist with tension and chronic pain. As yoga students and teachers, our responsibility is to reconnect and renew the relationship to the body and our physical world. The study of applied anatomy is also a profoundly spiritual pursuit, as what we are studying is not an ideology or philosophy, but the most complex and divine creation in the universe.

This 14-hour intensive comprehensively covers functional anatomy and biomechanics of the human body with direct application to yoga postures and practices.

Jesse utilizes movement, partner work, props, and tools, including a myriad of skeletons and real size anatomical models, to make the study of anatomy both interactive, inspiring and fun.


What is Applied Anatomy and Functional Biomechanics?

Who will benefit from this training?