Program Faculty

Program Directors

With over 25 years of combined teaching experience, Scott Davis and Pat Harada Linfoot offer creative and diverse learning opportunities. Their passion for knowledge, their integrated understanding of yoga as an evolving form, and their willingness to encourage and support each student’s journey allows for an inspiring and enriching experience.

Scott approaches yoga as an evolving form and health maintenance system. As a doctor of oriental medicine, he is particularly interested in yoga as a tool to support the process of waking up to the potential of the human body, intellect, and spirit. He integrates his knowledge of yoga and other eastern healing traditions to provide a unique learning experience that inspires depth, curiosity, and rigor.

Pat is inspired by the rich, collaborative process of mentoring teachers; working together to develop their unique voice and the fullest expression of their potential. She is committed to teaching yoga as a therapeutic model that stimulates physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. Her academic studies in psychology, education, and statistics provide a fertile foundation for creative expression.