Mentorship Program

with Senior Teachers - Continuing


The Mentorship program provides an opportunity for new or aspiring yoga teachers to study one-on-one with experienced senior teachers. This is an ideal means for continuing one’s yoga education in a structured and supportive environment, with ample time for questioning, exploration, and practice.

Stream One


  • To offer a practical bridge from the 200-hour to the 300-hour program, from deepening one’s own practice to becoming a yoga teacher.
  • To increase observational skills in postural evaluations and alignment.
  • To observe the effect of a yoga practice on different types of bodies at different levels of practice.
  • To provide an opportunity for continued yoga education and leadership skills development within sangha.


  • Assisting a senior teacher in weekly drop-in classes.
  • Developing specific teaching goals by observing, demonstrating, assisting, and teaching during these classes.
  • Teaching one community class with your mentor in attendance for feedback.

Mentors will spend 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after class unpacking their sequence and answering questions. Mentors will also be available via email during the week to answer questions as they arise. Participating in peer review to measure progress. There will be up to 2 hours of homework.

Duration: 6-10 weeks for a total of 20 hours. This program can be repeated in order to study with different teachers, levels, types of classes.

Prerequisite: 200-hour Teacher Training program.
Certification: Yoga Alliance continuing education credits.

Tuition: $250 plus a monthly membership (+HST). 300-hour alumni: 20% off. Teachers who have been substitute teaching at Octopus Garden for longer than 1 year: 50% off.

Stream 1 Application Form