Rope Wall Teacher Training

with David Good and John Veiga - October 4-6th & Nov 8-10th, 2019

RopeWall TT

Learn how to safely and effectively teach with the Rope Wall. The Yoga Rope Wall is a system that developed out of the Iyengar tradition known as Yoga Kurunta. By using the support of straps firmly fixed to our specialized Rope Wall, practitioners are able to create traction and length in their spines; support their bodies in strenuous poses to make them more accessible; increase instability in core work and other balance work to increase strength; and learn how to let go of the idea of holding themselves up all the time.

Join David Good and John Veiga in this two weekend training to learn all you need to know to begin teaching Rope Wall.

The Rope Wall has many benefits but it is essential to make sure that the Ropes are used safely. It also takes some expertise to make things flow in a Rope Wall class, as things need to be sequenced differently than a regular mat class.

This training is open to both teachers and to yoga practitioners who are interested in learning more about the Rope Wall practice for their own personal benefit.