Rope Wall Teacher Training

with Morgan Cowie, Pat Harada Linfoot and others - April 28-30 & June 9-11, 2017


Rope wall yoga builds strength and offers the (sometimes) elusive sweetness of traction we yearn for to keep our bodies healthy, lean and feeling good! Whether you use the ropes for safe inversions that are full of ease or to create conditions for muscles to be both strong and long, they are effective on their own or as a fantastic complement to an off the wall practice.

Will be offered Fall of 2017 – stay tuned for details!

In this rope wall immersion, we will first delve into the methods of creating a personal practice involving ropes to help you balance, strengthen and stretch. As we look through the lenses of core-building, traction, restorative, eccentric contraction and intelligent adjustments, we’ll examine more than twenty rope wall poses including personalized set-up and effects.

For teachers, we’ll offer a second weekend where you will learn how to effectively teach these poses and set up for different types of bodies, levels of experience and comfort.

If you’re curious about the practice of rope wall yoga or want to learn more about teaching this extremely beneficial yoga form, please register soon as space is limited for this training.