Brinleigh Mackinnon

Manual Therapy


Brinleigh practices manual therapy with a focus on myofascial release. She navigates the myofascial system with intuitive and sensitive hands. Over the past five years, she has developed a combination of myofascial release, active release, and GTO release techniques. These effectively soften restrictions in the body, allowing for increased mobility and circulation. Her treatments are appropriate for anyone experiencing physical tension.

Brinleigh graduated from ICT’s 2200hr Massage Therapy program in Halifax in 2012. Her practice evolved during her time working in Halifax and she became known for her gentle and effective treatments. Brinleigh moved to Toronto in the fall of 2016 to explore the connection between the myofascial body and yoga, by attending Octopus Garden’s teacher training programs. When she’s not practicing in the studio she can be found creating music or visual art.

What is myofascial tissue?

Myofascia is the sheath that surrounds the body’s musculature and skeleton. It is a web-like system that holds muscles in place, and often the sensation of muscle pain is due to restrictions or tension in the fascia that surrounds the muscle tissue. Myofascial release can also be used to address misalignments in the skeletal system, or tension in the digestive and respiratory systems.

How to book an Appointment

Brinleigh is currently available on Thursdays.
To schedule a treatment, you may book online or call us at 416-515-8885.

Please note: At this time, Brinleigh is unable to issue receipts for insurance purposes.