Devin Sauso-Bawa

Registered Massage Therapy


One of the things that Devin is most proud of is having been present and involved with the births of his two wonderful daughters. During the pregnancies he got to witness the many physical discomforts that can arise and only wishes that he knew at the time how much massage therapy could help to alleviate them. As an RMT, Devin graduated from the Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic. While there he took a specialty pregnancy course which taught him how to treat perinatal conditions and since then it has become some of the most gratifying work he has performed in his practice.

Massage is highly effective at reducing the symptoms associated with a wide variety of conditions. Devin has had the opportunity to help with pain management and increased movement for patients with cervical ankylosing spondylitis and frozen shoulder. In the past he helped with the recovery of people presenting with repetitive strain injuries, fractures and acute injuries from sports or car accidents. As well he regularly treats those with migraines, insomnia, anxiety and depression by promoting sleep and overall relaxation.

While growing up Devin studied martial arts and at the time he didn’t realize that the training was not only developing him physically but mentally as well. Although relatively new to yoga, rediscovering this mind-body connection is what he finds most appealing about the discipline. In fact, it mirrors his belief about how to create an effective massage therapy treatment; if you’re able to calm the mind you can allow the body to heal.

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