Glenda Myles



We are challenged in our life to make sense of our past and to become the version of our self that is alive inside of us. As a doula of birth, death, and rebirth, Glenda companions those at different stages of life and transition. Armed with her willingness to hold space for her clients, they are able to dive deep into the waters, to explore and to heal.

As a practicing psychotherapist, she is focused on grief and trauma in particular, and

  • outcomes that manifest as a result of trauma like addictions, anxiety, and physical illness;
  • bereavement and anticipatory grief due to chronic or terminal illness, or from the loss of a loved one; and
  • women who are in transition (fertility, motherhood, and aging) and are looking for another way to manage the change more mindfully.

She weaves in multiple modalities and approaches to therapy that honour the ancient ways and her client’s needs. It is often a combination of talk and experiential therapy with body and energetic work incorporated into sessions as appropriate. A contemplative approach within sessions allows people to relax and connect to their heart-mind that can’t always be easily achieved by talk therapy alone.

Glenda leads workshops, teaches yoga and meditation, facilitates grief circles, and is an advocate for women and those who are dying and their families. She wants her clients to connect to their heart so they may face life with courage and compassion.


She believes therapy should be accessible to all who need, and desire, a space to heal. A sliding scale is available to those who need it.

Free Initial Consultation – Non-Active Session – 30 minutes
Regular Therapy Sessions: 1 hour – $75
Extended Sessions: 90 min – $100
Therapeutic Energy Session: 1 hour – $75

Psychotherapy receipts can be submitted to Canada Revenue Agency as medical expenses.

How to book an appointment

Glenda is available for sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays including evening appointments. To book a session, please contact Glenda directly. Visit her website, Mindful Healing Therapy for more information on her approach and services.