Jesse Enright


Yoga Therapy

For over a decade, as both an instructor and therapeutic practitioner, Jesse has been using the incredible tool of yoga combined with anatomical explanation to educate and empower his students and himself.

When Jesse began his yoga journey over 15 years ago, he could not have clearly explained what he was after. Jesse realized at an early age that physical exertion both energized his body and relaxed his busy mind. Knowing this, it seemed that some deeper experience was possible and that the gateway to that experience might be the body. After almost two years of intensive, daily asana practice which took Jesse from Australia to India and then finally back home to Canada, his body was aching and broken. He suffered from many injuries and ailments all seemingly brought on by his yoga practice. How was this possible? Wasn’t yoga supposed to be good for the body?

At that time, hatha (physical/posture based) yoga was nowhere near as prevalent as it is today and it took a trip to Australia before Jesse found a school and a style of yoga that appealed to his ambitious nature. Stiff-bodied and bullheaded, he dedicated himself intensely to this new form of ‘exercise’ pushing and prodding his reluctant body into the postures with little thought of technique or alignment. Yoga was simply a new mountain to climb, a new system to master.

Fortunately, Jesse had landed at a new studio with teachers who were able to answer these questions. Through diligent study and education (much of it anatomical and biomechanical), Jesse was able to clearly define the purpose of his yoga practice, turning an unconscious process into a conscious one and healing his body in the process.

What is SmartYoga?

The SmartYoga approach works wonders for those who are willing to take responsibility for their own health and well-being. It is Jesse’s belief that healing is a conscious process in which education and empowerment are the keys to transformation. If you are willing to learn about your body and to practice a simple routine of exercises daily, then SmartYoga is for you.

What to Expect in a SmartYoga Session with Jesse

The exact nature and structure of the session may differ depending on the individual needs and goals of the student but generally, a SmartYoga session begins with a short conversation in which the issues and/or challenges that the student is facing are discussed. After that, Jesse will go over a basic definition of yoga and the way in which yoga can be used to heal and transform the human body.

Next, the student receives a postural evaluation, in which Jesse explains the basic model of a healthy musculoskeletal system and the way in which the student’s body may have deviated from this ideal, thereby causing their symptoms and/or challenges.

Finally, Jesse will design a specialized yoga and exercise routine to be performed daily to re-educate and rebalance the students' body.

How to Book an Appointment

To book an appointment, call 416-515-8885. Questions and request for more information can be sent to