Kathrin Brunner


Holistic Nutrition

Kathrin Brunner, CNP, RYT, BA, is a holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher. She views good health as a balance between what you give your body and what you ask of it.

Kathrin uses the healing potential of food and movement to help others find good health in an increasingly stressful and demanding world. Kathrin’s educational background includes an honours degree in Psychology (University of Ottawa), 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training (200 hours at Sivananda Yoga and 300 hours at Octopus Garden Holistic Yoga Centre) and a diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition (Institute of Holistic Nutrition). Her counselling skills combined with her knowledge of nutrition and the body, make her an effective and inspiring Holistic Nutritionist.

Today, Kathrin specializes in helping others make decisions to nourish their mind, body and spirit through Nutrition Consultations and through Workshops on Nutrition and Natural Living. Kathrin brings a warm presence, positive attitude and reassuring style to her work in guiding others to a balanced lifestyle.

What to expect from a Nutrition Consultation with Kathrin

During the initial consultation, Kathrin gathers a detailed health history. She analyzes symptoms, examines current medications, supplements and herbs for possible interactions, and assesses personal health goals and concerns. Kathrin uses this information to create an individualized plan with food, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.

How to book an appointment

Kathrin is available for appointments on Mondays. To book a treatment, you may book online, call us at the studio, 416.515.8885, or

For more details on Kathrin’s services, workshops and classes visit: ForTheLoveOf Body.com.