Mercedes Leggett

Thai Massage


Mercedes has been an athlete her entire life. With this has come lots of injuries. After receiving her first Thai Massage, she knew she wanted to share the healing powers of this 2000 year old body work with others. She practices on a floor mat with the client clothed, no oils or lotions are needed during the session. Thai massage is a combination of massage and stretching in restorative yoga postures and is suitable for everyone.

She uses compression techniques with her hands, elbows, shins and feet with moderate to strong pressure, depending on what is needed in the treatment. Her sessions promote mobility, flexibility, body awareness, mindful breathing, uplifting energy and deep relaxation.

For a minimal added cost the use of heated bundles can be used. The heated aromatic bundle ingredients include tiger balm, ginger, lemongrass, camphor and eucalyptus. When an area of high tone, stiffness and tension are found, Mercedes applies the aromatic bundle over the area, encouraging deep relaxation in order to help go deeper in releasing the tension. It promotes rebuilding and nourishing blood flow, deeper aromatic relaxation, mobility, flexibility, and releasing stored stress in the body. The heat helps alleviate stiff, sore muscles and joints, backaches, arthritis, headaches and anxiety, to name a few.

Mercedes is certified yoga teacher from Octopus Garden’s 200-hour Teacher Training program. She is very happy to be in the clinic; she feels this place is her second home.

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