Rose Riccio


Registered Massage Therapy

Rose’s passion for bodywork was inspired by her dedication to her yoga practice and by the body’s natural intelligence to heal and restore itself. What initially drew her to yoga continues to inspire her practice today: its ability to challenge her outer form to transform her inner one, while both expanding and evolving her life and her relationships.

Rose is a graduate of Sutherland Chan School and Teaching Clinic and has had the opportunity to work with a diverse client base. Her style incorporates both strong and soothing techniques to help break the bonds of adhered tissues, as well as provide a gentle touch to help relieve anxiety and aid in pain relief. She has developed treatment plans to effectively treat both chronic and acute conditions based on their clinical presentation. Her experience includes helping people who are looking to improve mobility/flexibility, pre/postnatal care, repetitive strain injuries, postural imbalances, trigger point therapy, muscle spasms, sports injuries and headaches.

Regardless of the nature of the presenting complaint, Rose believes in treating the individual as a whole, which includes not only attending to the physical body, but making a healthy connection to the mind and spirit as well. She believes that touch is a powerful tool in the healing process and tries to focus her intention and attention on not just the tissue beneath her hands, but on the being inside the body. She offers her absolute presence and energy to every treatment.

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