Scott Davis


Acupuncture & TCM, Yoga Therapy

Scott is a renowned yoga teacher and doctor of oriental medicine who approaches yoga as an evolving form and health maintenance system. He is particularly interested in yoga as a tool to support the process of waking up to the potential of the human body, intellect and spirit.

Scott integrates his knowledge of yoga and other eastern healing traditions to provide a unique learning experience that inspires depth, curiosity and rigor.

In addition to his ongoing classes at Octopus Garden Yoga Centre, Scott holds dozens of specialized workshops, international retreats, and operates a full time clinical practice of oriental medicine. Scott lives in Toronto with his wife Christine and their three children, Ruby, Theo and Niko.

Booking information

You can book an appointment with Scott online: Find a time. If this will be your first session with him, for your convenience, please download and complete a patient intake form.