Stacey Hauserman



Stacey Hauserman is a firm believer in holistic approaches to health care. She combines her knowledge and experience of yoga, massage therapy, and osteopathy to provide unique and effective treatments.

Stacey is a graduate of the 5-year program in Osteopathic Manual Therapy at the Canadian College of Osteopathy. She completed her thesis on “The Effects of Cranial Osteopathy on Balance in Parkinson’s Patients” and was awarded the William Garner Sutherland award for outstanding research in the advancement of osteopathy.

Prior to her osteopathic studies, Stacey practiced massage therapy in Toronto. She graduated from Sutherland-Chan in 1997. In 2004, Stacey earned a yoga teaching certification at Downward Dog. She also completed the 300-hour training program at Octopus Garden Yoga Centre.

To schedule an appointment

To schedule a treatment, you may book online or call Octopus Garden at 416-515-8885. If you have specific question please feel free to contact Stacey at 416-839-4652 or .

Learn more about Stacey at her website.