Sydney Fletcher


Life Coaching & Reiki

Sydney is a certified life coach, reiki practitioner and yoga instructor, with a fierce passion and fascination with energy: how we get it, how we use it, how it moves through our bodies (or doesn’t) and why it sometimes just seems to poof disappear.

Informed by her personal experience, education, and practical knowledge she empowers clients and guides them out of the muck—and out of bed on those especially heavy days—and into connection with their grace and authentic selves; body, mind and soul. With humor, joy and love she builds bright and personalized space for people to pursue their lives purposefully and passionately. Her goal is to provide a steady support and the tools required to help folks unstick themselves. To get their energy flowing freely, propelling them forward through all of the twists and turns of life with a little extra spirit and a whole lot of heart.

How to book an Appointment

Sydney offers FREE initial 30-minute consultations. To schedule a treatment, you may book online or call us at 416-515-8885.