Sydney Fletcher


Life Coaching & Reiki

Sydney is a life coach committed to connecting with people who are ready for change. Her practice is built upon assisting others in discovering their inherent strengths and capabilities, releasing the blocks that are holding them back, and empowering them towards creating lives they want to be living.

Informed by her experience as a certified reiki practitioner and yoga instructor, Sydney’s coaching practice is guided by the understanding that the mind, the physical body, and the energetic body are connected. In order to truly understand ourselves, we must therefore learn how to listen to the wisdom communicated by our physical and energetic bodies as opposed to addressing life transitions from a strictly cognitive perspective. With this philosophy in mind, Sydney draws upon various coaching techniques while also integrating reiki and, at times, yoga to provide what she considers to be more complete and effective support.

Having personally shifted out of a life that felt unfulfilling, disconnected, and inauthentic, Sydney has seen the direct impact that a deep connection to oneself in body, mind, and spirit can have on one’s engagement with life. She is excited and honoured to be supporting others to clarify and believe in their purpose, build upon their connection with self, and ultimately live a fulfilling, purposeful, and authentic life.

How to book an Appointment

Sydney is available for appointments on Tuesdays.
Sessions can be booked one at a time or, for best results, book a package of sessions at a reduced rate.

To schedule a treatment, you may book online or call us at 416-515-8885.