Street Repairs

The construction has mostly moved eastward, continuing along the south side of College street, and the good news is we now have a sturdy, beautiful, brick entrance way. Bike lock posts are still to be delivered, so please enjoy the cozy space behind the bookshelf and sofas for temporary bike parking. But there should be something good moving into that space soon...

5-Class Pass Sale

Summer Special

Our 5-Class Pass sale will end September 4th. Take advantage of these discounts now while there’s still time!

Buy two 5-Class Passes, get 10% off
Buy three 5-Class Passes, get 15% off
Buy four 5-Class Passes, get 20% off

Info Nights: 200hour Teacher Training Program


Do you want to deepen your practice, challenge yourself and learn about all the facets of yoga? Whether you are thinking about teaching or not, the 200-hour Yoga Education program is designed to help unlock your potential and experience the full benefits of yoga. This is how to start the journey. Where you take it is up to you.

Want to find out more? We have two information sessions scheduled for you to learn more about the program, we’ll show you around the studio, tell you about the program and textbooks, and answer any questions that you may have.

Saturday, August 5th from 12:30pm to 1:30pm with YuMee and Pat. Take a complimentary Level 1 class with YuMee at 10:45am and stay after, or just drop in for the info session.

Tuesday, August 22nd from 7:30pm to 8:30pm with Pat. Take a complimentary Level 1-2 Flow class with Pat at 6:00pm and stay after, or just drop in for the info session.

First Week Free!

Toronto residents who are first-time visitors to Octopus Garden will receive a complimentary week of unlimited, drop-in yoga classes.

That’s right, your first week at Octopus Garden will be free! Study yoga, believe in your capacity for change, and see what happens!

Have you had your Initial Consultation?

One of the benefits of being a Member at Octopus Garden is a 15-minute Initial Consultation. This consultation allows you to meet with us one-on-one in order to discuss your needs and intentions for practice. We are looking forward to getting to know each one of you individually, and the Initial Consultation represents a first step in this process.

The Initial Consultation is available to people who have signed up for our $99-a-month Membership Program. To learn more about the benefits of Membership, please visit our Services page.

Before you book a time for your Initial Consultation, please fill out and submit a short, on-line questionnaire. This questionnaire will allow us to serve you more effectively when you come in to meet with us.

To book your Initial Consultation, look at our appointments schedule and select an available time.

Please note: If you need to cancel an appointment, we require 24 hours notice. Initial Consultations may be rescheduled only if this notice is received.