Biomechanics Meets Energetics

Jules Mitchell Training

March 1-3 — Jules Mitchell

The way we teach modern postural yoga is rapidly evolving. Stay current with continuing education informed by sports science and biomechanics research in this all-new continuing education course designed for teachers to further develop their craft. Jules Mitchell blends sharp intuition with scientifically supported concepts to foster deeper insight into the poses and why we teach them.
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Yoga Nidra Pop-Ups


February 8 — Taryn Diamond

The winter and spring months are an ideal time for rest and introspection. Yoga Nidra is the perfect means for achieving both. In order to encourage a more regular practice, Taryn is offering three pop-up nidra classes from February through April. The next one will be on Friday, March 1, at 6:00pm.
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Mobility Upgrade


Tuesdays in March — Lisa Messina

Have you been stretching with minimal results? Do you want to achieve a greater range of motion safely? Do you want to get strong and flexible at the same time? If yes, Mobility Upgrade is for you! This progressive series uses scientific principles to improve joint-health and active range of motion which will help you to move and function at your best.
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Intro to Clown


March 9 & 16 — Christel Bartelse

Looking for more Creativity, Wonder, Awe, Vulnerability, Play?-Can we laugh at the beauty of our own ridiculousness? This work is based on the belief that everyone has a clown within. You don’t create it, you simply let it live in front of others. It allows us to celebrate and accept our humanness, our beauty, and our imperfections. Through the yoga principles of mind, body, spirit, we will dive into this art form, where the heart is the centre, based on a mix of Pochinko Clown Technique and European Clown.
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Fridays beginning March 15 — YuMee Chung

Calling all mystics, seekers and lovers of yoga philosophy. Our weekly Satsang (a Sanskrit word meaning “a gathering of truth seekers”) is just for you. We will come together to work deeply with yogic source materials through the tools of chanting, scriptural study, discussion, contemplation, and meditation. Let’s explore how the ancient roots of yoga can deeply nourish our lives in the here and now.
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Introductory 2-Week Pass

First-time visitors to Octopus Garden can enjoy two weeks of unlimited, drop-in yoga classes* for only $30!

Take your time and get to know us. With over 60 classes per week taught by some of the best teachers in the city, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. Study yoga, believe in your capacity for change, and see what happens!

* Aerial Yoga will be an additional $15 per class (members rate)