Class Cancellations

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Handstand Workshop

Saturday, March 25th — with Scott Davis

Balance is important to all moments, and by building the foundational skills of hand balancing, you are developing strength, mobility, concentration, focus, presence and grace.
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Yoga and Social Justice in a Trumped Up World

Sunday, March 26th — with Krista Hunt & Michael Alex

Yoga is a practice that can develop empathy to open hearts and minds, make us feel responsible for the larger community, and think and act beyond the self.
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Natural Movement Essentials

Sunday, April 2nd — with Scott Davis

Join Scott for an afternoon of functional & natural movements.
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The Fine Art of Surrender

April 17th to April 20th — with Pat & Morgan

In this retreat, we’ll open to our personal and as yet unknown journey through this big universe using the routes of body, breath, mind. Come prepared to work hard but also to start to find ways past unhelpful barriers.
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First Week Free!

First time visitors to Octopus Garden will receive a complimentary week of unlimited drop-in yoga classes.

That’s right, your first week at Octopus Garden will be free! Study yoga, believe in your capacity for change, and see what happens!

Have you had your Initial Consultation?

One of the benefits of being a Member at Octopus Garden is a 15-minute Initial Consultation. This consultation allows you to meet with us one-on-one in order to discuss your needs and intentions for practice. We are looking forward to getting to know each one of you individually, and the Initial Consultation represents a first step in this process.

The Initial Consultation is available to people who have signed up for our $99-a-month Membership Program. To learn more about the benefits of Membership, please visit our Services page.

Before you book a time for your Initial Consultation, please fill out and submit a short, on-line questionnaire. This questionnaire will allow us to serve you more effectively when you come in to meet with us.

To book your Initial Consultation, look at our appointments schedule and select an available time.

Please note: If you need to cancel an appointment, we require 24 hours notice. Initial Consultations may be rescheduled only if this notice is received.